More Testimonials

I purchased a Trojan Bench for the cutting of steel and other products in 2002 from Trojan Benches.

I have used this bench repeatedly over the past twelve years. In this time I have had no working issues or related problems from this product.

It is manufactured to withstand heavy workloads and is easily adjusted to the necessary requirements.It is made from quality products. The Trojan Bench has shown no sign of wear,deterioration or malfunction in this time.

This bench is very easy and quick to set up and pack away.This bench is also very user friendly in that it allows for a good working height when cutting steel. If doing so for long periods it assists in managing back and leg pain. It is a lot safer and easier on the body.

The Trojan Bench has the ability to be set at specific measurements,which allows for accurate and significant ease of cutting when needing multiple quantities of an exact length.

The purchasing of the Trojan Bench,I consider has been money well spent on an excellent product.

Brian Newman, Rockhampton Qld.

The Trojan Bench has stood up very well. It has been constructed and designed very practically. This type of craftsmanship has gong out years ago. Keep up the good work.

Grant Telford - Dipvale, Cloncurry Qld

We purchased a Trojan Bench in 2004 The bench and all stands and rollers are as good as the day we bought them. Though we have worn out several cut–off machines in that time on the bench.

The bench has been a “God Send”for me.(Being 67 years young and numerous back operations) I can sit on a stool and cut angles and straight cuts while the sons do the welding- making yard and gate frames etc.

We have had no problems with the bench.It would have to be one of the most useful things that I have purchased over the years.

RJ. Bob McConachy - Ashover Station, Duchess Qld

The Trojan Bench is still holding up well !! It doesn't get worked all the time, But I am still happy with it.

Geoff Russell - Echo hills. Springsure Qld

We have been very happy with our Trojan Bench. It has gone beyond our expectations. It is robust,strong and accurate. We also like the compactness and versatility. It is one purchase we are more than happy with,it suits our business perfect.

Mario Porta - Burnside (Ingham) P/L

I have had many years of use out of the Trojan Bench that is set up in the shed 90% of the time. We do put it on the back of the ute to take to job sites when needed. It was a very good investment. And we are glad to have purchased it when we did as we have had many years of trouble free use with it

Jack Fletcher - Serocold, Rolleston Qld

I haven't written a letter in the last 10 years, but I thought I would make an exception for this.

I think the Trojan Bench is one of the handiest things in my shed. It has made a mongrel job an easy one. And I am pleased I bought it. I have no complaints at all.And have often wondered how you have gone with the business .I am sure anyone who has one ,has no regrets. and would buy another one if theirs wore out.

Chris Darcy. Mallapunyah, Tennant Creek. NT.

We have purchased two of the Trojan Benches and they have been a great investment. They have stood up to the test of time,and after 10 years are still in good order,and will give many more year’s of service.The Trojan saw Benches are very sturdy and practical and well built for many uses involving steel cutting.We also use the roller stands, in correlation with a drill press for long length applications.The fact that you can work at a more comfortable height to cut-off,means you finish the day with less strain on your back and knees.

Jim Haynes - Keswick Cattle Co.

I use the Trojan Bench I purchased from you in 2005 regularly with great success. The Trojan Bench would be one of the best investments I have ever made.

Graeme Nimmo - New Merryvale Station

The bench we purchased has been used in our training facility here in Melbourne.
Although perhaps not used as frequently as it would have been in a manufacturing site, the bench has been good value for us.
It allows the cutting machine to be moved around the training area, and set up quickly for demonstrations.
We have not had any issues with the bench at all.
If I was to suggest any improvement at all, it would be to make the storage compartment underneath from metal instead of timber, as the timber can be damaged by hot steel falling on to it.
This is only a minor issue, though, and on the whole it is a very good product.

Andrew Dowling - Operations Manager - PFERD Australia Pty. Ltd.


It's great to get a product that is actually hand made with quality material. You can see a lot of thought has gone into it. We will be using it for all our workshop needs and also making gates etc. If you work with steel, you need to try this bench!

Robert Teague - Scone, NSW


I found the Trojan Bench a very worthy investment for the farm shed. I believe it has a good design and construction and makes cutting metal a breeze as you can get the bench level and the cutting guide makes cutting multiple pieces of the one size simple. It's like a tractor with a bucket on it, once you have one you wonder how you did with out one.

Graham Anderson - Theodore


I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Trojan Bench. It has lived up to all my expectations. I have recommended it to fellow associates and they have since purchased a Trojan Bench. I have no hesitation recommending it to other people.

Peter Delai - Kairi


I like the way the Trojan Bench folds away for storage and is quick and easy to setup. It is good in the business and home workshop. My two sons make use of it as well. Very well done, all the best with the bench.

Barry - Campbell's Plumbing, Malanda


Great design, excellent workmanship, all ideas thought through and applied in design very well, keep up the good work.

Maurie Cabassi - Walkerston


I purchased a Trojan Bench in may this year (2005) and have found it extremely useful. It certainly has been a worthwhile investment and I must say that I enjoy working at waist height, no longer having to work on the floor as I did before. Both my wife and I were extremely impressed with the workmanship and the attention to detail in painting and finishing the bench for sale. It is neat and professional. Both the portability and compactness make the bench very versatile and easy to use. In general and overall I am very happy with the Trojan Bench.

David Sloss - Oakey Cooyar Rd, Peranga


Used extensively in business. Well designed. Very impressed with the little extras e.g. box/tray underneath. Ability to be able to change measurements/adjust to various sizing. Manoeuvrability around the workshop. Best thing we've bought in a long time.

Graham Gordon -Gordon's Welding Service, Collinsville


I have found the Steel Cut-off Work Bench to have been a great purchase for our business. We use the bench for approximately 15- 20 hours per week manufacturing brackets for our table frames. It has saved us time and space as the bench can be folded away after being used. It also has reduced the chance of injuries; as before we would cut our brackets on the floor. The depth gauge and turntable are great time savers for our repeated cuts.

Matt Conner - Townsville Concrete Tables & Step Treads


Extremely mobile, can be used in the shed then outside on rough ground with easy adjustments to make it level. 'Tough Construction' for a tough job!!

Allan SS


I have had your Steel Cut-off Saw Bench in the workshop for approximately 12 months. We have had no problems with it. It does not get put away at all as we use the saw almost every day. However, it does get closed up and shifted around.

David McBryde - Thiess Collinsville Mine Project


I purchased a Trojan Cut-off Bench when we were halfway through building our cattle yards, new loading ramp and connecting lane way. It has turned out to be a very valuable piece of equipment and I wish we'd had one about 12 months earlier. The ease of operation means we can cut and fabricate our steelwork quicker and more accurately. It is also very easy on the operator; no more bending down or kneeling on the ground.

G M Von Wald - Gainsford Station


I found the Trojan Cut-off Bench to be well made and strong enough for the work. It is easy to use and store away and is much better than cutting steel on the floor. I think it is well worth the cost.

Ernest Bassingthwaighte - Toomba Station


I think your benches are very worthwhile investment. I don't really know how I put up with cutting on the floor before.

Arty Stephensen - Davco Farming


To me the Trojan Bench was a worthwhile investment. It has made cutting steel safer, quicker and less frustrating. The great thing about this bench also is how it folds away to take up little room in your shed. I would recommend the Trojan Bench to anyone who owns a drop saw or is thinking of buying one.

Kelly Cattle Co.