Trojan Steel Cut-Off Benches - Making the cut-off saw more user friendly

Trojan Steel Cut-Off Benches - Making the cut-off saw more user friendly

Incorporating a Turn-table for angle cutting PLUS a length cutting Gauge


Trojan Bench - Easy TransportThe all new steel cut-off bench was the winner of the “North Queensland Field Days” Townsville 2002.
The popularity of the uniquely designed bench (now in its 17th year of production) has expanded, with sales in five states and the N.T.

Trojan Steel Cut-Off Benches are:
  • portable
  • extendable
  • foldable
  • adjustable
  • affordable.

Makes the job of cutting steel easier, faster, safer and more accurate.

Incorporated into the six roller bench is a swiveling turn table for angle cutting. Plus a uniquely designed length cutting gauge that makes cutting multiples of steel the same length easier, safer and more accurate.

It is fully adjustable to take all brands of saws and folds out to 2.4m. When folded it can be stored in an area less than a metre wide.


Trojan Bench with Dropsaw

The standard bench is supplied with 900ml long rails. Using 900mm rails allows for easy and cost effective shipment direct to you. Freight for a bench with 2500mm rails is too cost prohibitive.

All rails are constructed from 20 x 20 x 1.6 x 6000 mm RHS ALL GAL steel available from your local steel merchant.
When using long rails it is necessary to have a roller stand supporting each end of the rail.

This Trojan Bench is mounted with one of the latest steel-bladed drop saws, making for a truly unique piece of machinery that will serve the professional or the handy man for many years.

Trojan Benches have revolutionized the cut-off saw! No other bench on the market has the built-in features or attention to detail as the Trojan.

Crafted in North Queensland - Not mass produced.

Tried and proven over 17 years.


The Trojan Bench is not only for cutting steel. A mitre saw can be fitted to the same turn table as the cut-off saw.
By removing the kick back assembly and the two side-saw holding brackets from the turn table, and turning the turn-table lengthwise on the bench, the wood cutting mitre saw can be fitted using the back bracket to hold the saw to the front stop plates.
The height of cut-off saws vary from 60 to 90 mm. Mitre saws are about the same.
One chap I know even removes the turn table and fits a portable planer to the bench top. He feeds the planer from the front and has a couple of roller stands at the rear to accept the planed timber.
The versatility of the Trojan Bench is remarkable.

The adjustable roller stands are necessary to support the steel, wood, or aluminium being cut.
Most professional craftsmen use 3 stands; 2 on the in-feed side and 1 on the out.
It all depends on the length of the material you are cutting.



Trojan Bench - Fully ExtendableJust how durable is the Trojan Bench?

We ask Bill Jones, inventor of the Trojan Bench, to tell us:

"The photo of the bench with the red tool-box shown on the right is the first Trojan Bench that was ever made, way back in 1986."

"In 2001, a friend insisted I apply for a patient on the bench. I said I will put it in the North Qld Field Days Rural Invention of the Year section. So in early 2002, I repainted the bench and in May that year I entered the bench in the inventors section and won first prize in that division (I had acquired a provisional patient from IP australia to do this).
I then applied for an Australian Standard Patent which was awarded two years later.

The remarkable thing, getting back to durability, is that I still use that same bench to this day, 33 years since it was first made.

It has never been idle and I am on my 5th cut off saw."



It's great to get a product that is actually hand made with quality material. You can see a lot of thought has gone into it. We will be using it for all our workshop needs and also making gates etc. If you work with steel, you need to try this bench!

Robert Teague - Scone, NSW


I have found the Steel Cut-off Work Bench to have been a great purchase for our business. We use the bench for approximately 15- 20 hours per week manufacturing brackets for our table frames. It has saved us time and space as the bench can be folded away after being used. It also has reduced the chance of injuries; as before we would cut our brackets on the floor. The depth gauge and turntable are great time savers for our repeated cuts.

Matt Conner - Townsville Concrete Tables & Step Treads


I purchased a Trojan Cut-off Bench when we were halfway through building our cattle yards, new loading ramp and connecting lane way. It has turned out to be a very valuable piece of equipment and I wish we’d had one about 12 months earlier. The ease of operation means we can cut and fabricate our steelwork quicker and more accurately. It is also very easy on the operator; no more bending down or kneeling on the ground.

G M Von Wald - Gainsford Station



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